Images: Ghost Painterly Abstraction : Carla Accardi, Leda Bourgogne, Heike - Karin Föll, Lisa Jo, Carol Rama, Maja Ruznic, Amy Sillman, Richard Tuttle, Michaela Yearwood-Dan

2 September - 23 October 2021 London, Zurich

Ghost-Painterly Abstraction is planned as a diverse exhibition of contemporary positions exploring the effect of history and technological innovation on art over the past two decades. Beginning from a sort of oppositional joke stemming from Clement Greenberg’s ever outmoded term for the 1964 exhibition, Post-Painterly Abstraction; which was seemingly conceived in opposition to the entrance of more straight men into the contemporary canon (through pop art, bodily abstraction in the early 1960s) he looked to artists who “favored openness or clarity” and a reduction from feelings, events and lived experience. This exhibition will assemble a diverse range of works by artists working across media who maintain a visual clarity in their work, but imbue it with emotion and content: looking at generations who refuse received limits and look to create works that can be many intellectual and visual types at the same time. All the works included are haunted by gesture and ideas defying being truly abstract or figurative. The thesis is that this is a reflection of a contemporary moment where a network allows histories end ideas to circulate concurrently, brought on by technological advancements that have altered the way we as a society view, physically and emotionally, the artworks in the gallery and on the screen.
Presenting works by all the artists concurrently in both our spaces, the show aims to present the viewer with the opportunity of a dual experience and highlight the multifaceted qualities of each of them.

Installation Views