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For this screenprint edition, Denis Savary explores the potential of Photogram images produced by this camera-less photographic technique, that is traditionally made by placing objects on photographic paper and exposing the paper to light. Savary proposes a contemporary serigraphy version of the inspirational works of the 19th century English Botanist and Photographer, Anna Atkins, who used this contact print method to produce impressions of plants.
For this edition, two different screens were used: one for the leaves rendered in silver, using a traditional photography technique post-edited digitally; and a second screen, on which adhesive strips were directly flashed in the manner of photograms. The image of the traditional herbarium is revisited with the placement of this sticky matter onto palms collected in Sicily.The title of the work points to the tendency to perceive a specific, potentially meaningful image in random or ambiguous visual pattern such as blotches or clouds.
The invitation, in this case, is to recognize a giant anteater - an animal that Salvator Dali was particularly fond of, reworking art history's bestiaries.

Collaboration with Maria Bernheim 
The screenprint “Tamanoir” has been produced in collaboration with Galerie Maria Bernheim. Galerie Maria Bernheim was founded in December 2015 by Maria Bernheim, to pursue the goal of showing the work of contemporary artists from around the world, focusing on a few Swiss artists as well as attempting to bridge the gap between the French speaking part of Switzerland and the German one. The goal is also to contextualize within art historical traditions the work of younger artists and providing the viewers with the understanding that despite the lack of artistic movements, many artists are sharing similar interests as well as sets of references and expressing those with multifarious aesthetics. Since its opening the gallery has already programmed very well received exhibitions, including the first retrospective in Switzerland in a gallery of paintings by American artist Elizabeth Murray. The gallery will pursue its collaboration with young international curators in the coming years, thus attempting at becoming a platform for young and more established artists as well as for a curatorial conversation around challenging themes.


About Denis Savary

Denis Savary, born in 1981, lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a recognized figure within his generation of Swiss artists. Savary works across forms and media in his creation of dreamlike objects, images and installations. Often reinterpreting motifs and relics from throughout history, he twists them formally and psychologically through shifts in scale and material, craft and content. His works offer a contorted, totalizing and at the same time piecemeal reimagination of culture. Selected solo exhibitions are: Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds (2019); Museo Pietro Canonica de la Villa Borghese, Rome (2017); Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris (2016); Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (2016); Mamco, Geneva (2015); Kunsthalle Bern (2012); La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel (2010; Jeu de Paume, Paris (2008). 
Recent artist residencies include Landis & Gyr, London (2018). Savary’s work has been shown in group and solo shows internationally, including Swiss Cultural Centre, Paris, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, MAMCO, Geneva, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva, Musée Rath, Geneva, and Swiss Institute, New York. He has received grants and awards from Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture and Bourse de la Fondation Leenaards.


About JRP|Next

JRP|Next is a new program by JRP|Editions dedicated to new and innovative voices of the contemporary art field. 
We work with artists such as Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Amélie Bertrand, Stefan Marx, Alfredo Aceto, and many others. We produce limited editions in different mediums such as screen print, lithograph, mirror, sculpture and bronze. Since 2004, JRP|Editions (formerly JRP|Ringier, 2004–2018) has established itself as one of the leading international and independent publishers of contemporary art, partnering with artists, museums, galleries, and private institutions worldwide. We have built up a catalogue of more than 500 titles currently in active distribution (in English, German, and French) in the contemporary art field.



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