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PRESENT ’23: Building the Scantland Collection of the CMA

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June 8 - October 8, 2023


PRESENT ’23 unveils the second wave of promised gifts comprising the Columbus Museum of Art’s Scantland Collection. Featuring 33 individual works by a total of 32 artists, the evocative paintings and textiles in the exhibition show the vitality and stylistic range of contemporary art practice. 

The Scantland Art Foundation comprises one of the most dynamic private collections of contemporary visual art in North America. From its position in Columbus, Ohio, the Foundation is committed to a broad perspective on the creative energies of this moment; its intention is to form an evolving and wide-ranging picture of art in the mid-21st century. With a growing list of gifts to the Columbus Museum of Art, the Scantland Art Foundation ensures that its ambitious program to collect the art of the present will remain part of its community for generations to come.

The Columbus Museum of Art’s renowned collection of modern painting is largely comprised of once-private collections of contemporary art. Gifted in 1931, the Ferdinand Howald Collection became a cornerstone of the Museum. CMA went on to acquire the Sirak Collection of Impressionism and European Modernism, the Schiller Collection of American Social Commentary Art, 1930–1970 and a major collection of the New York Photo League. Extending the Schiller Collection’s commitment to the relationship between art and society, the Scantland Collection is quickly becoming the next significant pillar of the Museum’s permanent collection.

As throughout the exhibition, these works engage historical forms and narratives as a way of acting upon and being alive to the present moment. As part of the Scantland Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, these works will continue to generate excitement, reflection and creative response.

Artists include: Hayley Barker, Raphaël Barontini, Gabriella Boyd, Kenturah Davis, Angela Dufresne, Veronica Fernandez, Sayre Gomez, Asif Hoque, Devin B. Johnson, Heather Jones, Tidawhitney Lek, Amy Lincoln, Kat Lyons, Kylie Manning, Danielle McKinney, Jaime Muñoz, Robert Nava, Patrick Quarm, Lauren Quin, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Kenny Rivero, Lauren Satlowski, Marina Perez Simão, Sarah Slappey, Emma Webster, Blair Whiteford, Nicole Wittenberg, Mikey Yates, Oscar yi Hou, Guimi You, Yuri Yuan and Yesiyu Zhao.


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June 8, 2023
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