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2 Dicember - 22 January, 2023


The art acquisitions of the City of Zurich are an important part of the promotion of art by the Cultural Department in the Presidential Department. At regular intervals, a selection from the purchases of recent years is presented to the public in the Helmhaus. These are made on the recommendation of the Commission for Visual Arts of the City of Zurich. In this way, artists are directly supported. The works of art are conserved in the Art Collection of the City of Zurich and placed in the rooms of the administration and in municipal institutions such as schools, retirement centers, hospitals. Municipal employees can choose works from the collection for their offices. Art is thus present in the everyday life of very many people, it speaks to them and challenges them.
The 2018-2021 Art Acquisitions exhibition presents a thematic selection from the total of 120 works or groups of works purchased. It presents some focal points of the collection's activities: the examination of perceptions and images of the body, of biological and media manipulations of reality, of architectural spaces and their effect on us, of the reflection of a globally intertwined world. But the art also appears as an echo to the tensions, conflicts and wars of the present.


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December 2, 2022
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