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May 7 - May 21, 2022


Neo-Tang is a group show curated by Paul Nudd and Max Morris. The exhibition opened on Saturday, May 7th along with Sanctified by Rainn Thomas in the windows.

Neo-Tang is about artificiality, fakeness, and the unnatural order of things.  Artificial flavors, false culture, plastics everywhere, anti-caking agents, Polydimethylsiloxane, anti-info, cheese dust, monounsaturated fats and oils, black mayonnaise, the unchecked and unfettered. Neo-Tang is an homage to the pre-adolescent Adderall spiked KOOL-AID Ritalin laced sugar tweeker universe. Our collective ADHD.  KOOL-AID (Tang, Flavor-AID, etc.) as a cultural phenomenon and quintessentially American emblem.  Revelry in dystopian consumerism. 

We look at the theme of Kool-Aid and fake Tang as a cultural phenomenon, as a vehicle for cyanide and LSD, as a low-brow consumable and post-war chemical wonder.  The larger themes, we suppose, are artificiality and fakeness, the current unnatural order of things, cultishness and chemical mind expansion, the endgame, the invasion of plastics in our minds and environment, processed culture and the deliberate policy-driven framing of information.


All participating artists, including the publication and the exhibition:

Tom Torluemke, Jimbo Easter, Bumbo Krawczyk, Bailey Scieszka, Chris Riddell, John Maggie, Molly Colleen O'Connell, Mac Blackout, Keith Herzik, Sarah Leitten, Thelonius Bone, David Leggett, Bruce Conkle, Anonymous Alcoholics, Emma Akins, Onsmith & Nudd, Public Collectors, Gina Herzik, Ruby T, Charles Roberts III, Haylie Jimenez, Amanda Joy Calobrisi, Andy Douglas Day, Chris Cajero Cilla, Emma Punch, David Alvarado, Sam Hensley, Eddy Rivera, Earwig H Hairplug, Sam Szabo, Max Morris, Math-You Land-Vote, Allie Trigoso, Amy Lockhart, Nayef Nebhan, Mony Nunez.


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May 7, 2022
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