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Borlem Prize 


Our warmest congratulations to Ebecho Muslimova as the new laureate of the Borlem Prize, 2022. 
The $40,000 prize is awarded to a single artist each year whose oeuvre bring awareness to mental health issues and struggles. Ebecho Muslimova has chosen the 988 Suicide & Crisis lifeline as the charity that will receive a $20,000 donation to be made on her behalf.


Ebecho Muslimova, known for her raucous and sexually uninhibited character "Fatebe" creates paintings and works on paper that beguile the eye as much as they humor the mind. Fatebe's physical contortions and unpredictable quandaries play themselves out like performances on the canvas: each work depicts a single event that uncannily combines self-consciousness, comedy and vulnerability. Muslimova's technical prowess as a painter helps to underscore the sheer delight of Fatebe's misadventures. "As her life continues, Fatebe is faced with newly articulated objects, stretched over landscapes that are populated with new temptations and ghosts. With adoring precision, Muslimova codifies the echoes of domesticity, luxury, nature, education, psychology, fetish, and art itself—images that have the capacity to haunt her. Nothing can deter Fatebe, though. From her gleeful smile, we can assume that her convictions only gain momentum with every new opportunity to test them." (Quote from Natasha Stagg, Cura Magazine).

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September 13, 2022
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