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Fatebe A Quiet Pattern



Ebecho Muslimova has gained recognition for the depiction of her alter ego FATEBE, a plump and exuberant personality who subsumes the neuroses and anxieties of her creator. This character has allowed her to explore a diverse range of issues related to the depiction of thebody -particularly the female one. Set in fantastical painted landscapes or rendered solo in flowing brushwork, Fatebe explodes the social expectations of the female body through brazen displays of sexuality, vulnerability, and humour. If Fatebe is usually represented only once in each of the artist’s composition, in the series of pattern lithographs, it is not one but hundreds of Fatebe that are represented.Through its use within large wallpaper installations in institutional settings such as the Belgrade Biennale and the Renaissance Society in Chicago, this motif has become her most iconic. For the first time, Muslimova has transformed it into a lithograph existing in 4 color ways, blurring the lines of her practice.


This edition has been produced in collaboration with Galerie Maria Bernheim.


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March 31, 2022
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