Mitchell Anderson | SITUATION 1 UND ANDERE | Kunsthalle Basel


group show


November 28, 2020 - January 3, 2021


Whether crowded hospital wards with exhausted staff in protective clothing or hoarding purchases and emptied shelves, this year has already provided countless images that impressively show the extent of the current pandemic and attempt to make the incomprehensible tangible. Situation 1 and others refrains from quoting these images or explaining the current situation with further images. And yet the works shown (created by 14 artists* from the three-country region) clearly speak of the confusion, uncertainty and anxiety that are so present at present, perhaps because it is precisely the human condition that has always provided material for creative work. And although the works on display are not afraid to reach into the dark, the overall result is not entirely bleak, nor without humor or hope. For each line drawn to create distance highlights all the more what holds us together, and it calls for us to decide - individually and collectively - what paths we want to take, including those not yet taken.

With: Mitchell Anderson, Fantine Andrès, Colin Barth und Jonas Huldi, Anna Diehl, Maya Hottarek und Julian Zehnder, Cyril Tyrone Hübscher, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Ambra Viviani, Isadora Vogt, Linus Weber und Marc Meier, Karla Zipfel


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November 28, 2020
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