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Real Life Shoes

group show


September 23 - September 25, 2021
Real Life Shoes” – a group-show highlighting the space we carry around with us, as well as the various possibilities and perspectives on exhibition making. 35 Artists were invited by Jeronim Horvat to install their work in, on or to become the shoe. The selected shoes functioning as hosts were lend by friends in Basel, becoming temporary exhibition spaces or transforming into sculptures, some were already edited beforehand in the participating artists studios. Space itself has become a topic in curating, from various off site exhibitions, addressing not only the white cube relation but also the necessity of space for artists as well as questioning traditional exhibition making. A change of perspective is always a good way to new beginnings.

Jeronim Horvat



Manuela Morales, Lukas Stäuble, Cassidy Toner & Napoleon, Gaia Vincensini, Paul Otis Wiesner, Maya Rikli, Paul Barsch, Tobi Keck, Pauline Coquart, Marc Hirt, Jessy Razafimandimby & Emma Bruschi, Ece Canguden, Marian Luft, Gina Folly, Dominic Michel, Finn Curry, Christian Roncea, Ylona Isabel Stutz, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Bob Schatzi Hausmann, Maya Hottarek, Manuel Schneider, Mitchell Anderson, Paula Santome, Anne de Vries, Sollee Kim, Diego Salvador Rios, Vela Arbutina, Nicholas Warburg, Mäschi, Sophie Conus, Marie Matusz



Jeronim Horvat


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September 23, 2021
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