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Galleria Di Berna

group show


August 6 - August 22, 2021


The future of the Stadtgalerie is undetermined at this point. At the end of the year, it is to be closed as part of a comprehensive savings program. In September, the city council will decide on this.

Galleria Di Berna is an exhibition of posters of fictitious exhibitions, performances, events, etc. that will take place, could take place, or will never take place in the future. As a response to uncertain conditions, the artists' posters open up different possibilities of the future and thus new alternative, absurd or speculative spaces.

Like the future itself, the title Galleria Di Berna is ambivalent. On the one hand, the beautiful idea of overcoming one's own confinement: a free view of the Mediterranean! On the other hand, the Stadtgalerie with its new temporary name joins the changing neighborhood: not only since the pandemic, more and more pop-ups and other offers are emerging that are reshaping the use of public space. With the imminent closure of the urban institution in mind, the title asks about the future status of public spaces, institutions and goods and the expectations placed on them.

From 09.08 to 22.08.2021, a selection of the posters will appear on the cultural pillars of the city of Bern among other posters and carry their assertions into real space.

As part of the StadtKunstFest at the PROGR (Sat, 08/14/2021, 11am- 10pm) and for the duration of the exhibition, artist Ronny Hardliz has realized the work Exit Strategie IV (2021) in the outdoor space. Using event scaffolding, he creates two entrances from Hodlerstrasse and Waisenhausplatz through the windows directly into the Stadtgalerie, bringing the title of the exhibition to the outside as a temporary re-signing of the institution.


The exhibition Galleria Di Berna could be realized thanks to the support of the contributing artists*. Curated by Luca Beeler, Remo Stoller and Miriam Sturzenegger. Based on an idea by Remo Stoller.



Mathis Altmann, Mitchell Anderson, Vela Arbutina, Marc Asekhame, James Bantone, Nicolle Bussien & Izabel Barros / Rohit Jain / Mardoché Kabengele / Alain Stampfli (Kollektiv Berner Rassismus Stammtisch), Sophie Carapetian & Koshka Duff, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Robert Estermann, Mathis Gasser, Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter, Nicolas Grand, Ronny Hardliz, Bernhard Hegglin, Jeanne Jacob, Tamara Janes, Stephan Janitzky & Laura Ziegler, Florence Jung, Seob KIM, Lang/Baumann, Matthias Liechti, GJ Lischka, Lorenza Longhi, Anna Marcus & Alizé Rose-May Monod, Laure Marville, Mäschi@Ballostar Mobile, Vinzenz Meyner, Dan Mitchell, Karen Amanda Moser, Nusser Glazova, Philip Ortelli, Richard Parry studio, Lauris Paulus, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, Selina Reber, Kollektiv Rohling, Sereina Steinemann, Remo Stoller, Christoph Studer & Pierce Wyss, Miriam Sturzenegger, Ilona Stutz, Gian-Andri Töndury, Ronja Varonier & Rafal Skoczek, Latefa Wiersch, Alex Wissel, Hannes Zulauf


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August 6, 2021
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