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The Replacements

group show


June 7 - July 21, 2019


In the same way things fall apart, things link up. Somewhere between winter and spring this exhibition did, that moment of the cold and almost warm or pleasant and near-pleasant. It’s a borderline state and it’s getting warmer every day anyway. This is a show linked by friend-ship, but it would be a lie to call us all friends. Like a daisy chain, each is closer to one than to eight. The interpretation of friendship is tough to nail down. I think harder than the line between seasons. Long term casual proximity or short term intense proximity are most vital. Friendship arrives and stays or it arrives and leaves; or lingers for a seemed eternity before either admits its been dead for ages. Or the eternal acquaintance: circling a person like the moon circles earth, never getting closer and never showing your darker side. Online I found a list of ways to turn an acquaintance into a friend. Steps include basics like: open up and be positive; and creepier tricks: form similar interests, establish rituals and be generous. Taking a class together is a good idea too. While this show has been formed through these personal connections there’s not an avenue to view it defined by them. The eight artists here share this location for the summer, but also a sensibility that demands a caring for the subtle. These works and interventions, in a broad array of media are tender, seductive and take joy in their fabrication. How they link here is a delicate cord that is a certain harmony unchained. Of course the place is important and the time is summer, but it is this summer specifically and the people there will be my friends.

Mitchell Anderson



Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi | Mitchell Anderson | Jérôme Baccaglio | Francesco Cagnin | Gabriele Garavaglia | Chantal Kaufmann | Lorenza Longhi | Sam Porritt


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June 7, 2019
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