Something or Other: Sula Bermúdez-Silverman, Talia Chetrit, Susan Cianciolo, Nikita Gale, Kate Mosher Hall, Nancy Lupo, Amanda Ross-Ho, Ilana Savdie, Michelle Uckotter, Isabel Yellin | curated by Isabel Yellin

3 February - 31 March 2023 Zurich

From across the pond, does anything appear any differently? The

distance softens the nuances of our world, yet these artists have a
conversation that is particular to themselves, to their place, to the time in which we are here and making art in Los Angeles and New York. Hard to pin it together at first, but the dots appear swiftly and grow. Conjurings of nature, the body, the home, the mind, the self. Where do we lie within it all? At a time when we are constantly seeing ourselves versus everyone else, here we have collection of works that we instead immediately see ourselves within. As these artist’s works came together for this show, nature vs nurture immediately came to mind. The innate vs the experienced. The accepted vs the automatic. It is a playful bunch, though, cheekily questioning norms and happenings. There is still joy here, an appreciation for the uncanny. I am thanking the universe for that. Video, drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, found object, textile, and on and on. In this whirlwind of materials we end up reaching a similar conclusion: It’s a crazy fucking time to be alive.

Installation Views