LOVE / Terms and conditions: Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi

1 April - 13 May 2021 Zurich

Manifesto: No Time For Your Crocodile Tears 


“The collective is natural and shaped by anger and wisdom.

The wisdom we talk about is not from your books.

intimate vulnerability is strength

genuine class solidarity is strength


The wisdom we talk about is from a spirit of survival of 1000 lives that inhabit us.

This survival of massacres because of tribes and soil is not even long ago.

Girl, let alone those 1000 lives before.


The indwelling of generations shown through our depth and our smartness. If you find us too immodest ask yourself what fears you are projecting on us. A lack of soul may oversee the fact that we’ve always been life-long translators and active understanders and organic shapeshifters for a collective good. We are not owing you any rest of patience or educational effort. You have the access, you have the tools - we didn’t use to have the access but we’ll always have the blessing of a natural drive to teach ourselves. We will never get tired of doing and growing. There is no stagnation in sight.     

When we speak we never speak for ourselves because this is not only about ourselves, ever. This is community work, after a community break-out forming a new community inspired by our own community. 

It takes one to know one. You don't need to get this and we don’t need to teach you. This is the first generation of the generations of self-expression while passing by a purple bear with rhinestones in the window, sharing another cigarette. Our mothers, our aunts, our sisters. all of us carry heavy weights around. Do you even lift bro? Before you let your eyes be drawn to our lashes and other hair: 

You wanna spend the nights with me or only with the idea of me? 

You think my black hair comes as decoration?

Each single strand carries a story and each story means tons of weight.

Weight that you can’t carry and don’t need to carry but that needs to be respected.

In this house, we don’t allow gaslighting - the toxic, the patriarchal, the western. 

Sitara’s new haircut is anime inspired, shortened and straightened. 

We have no time for your crocodile tears. Not for any Karen and also not for any extension of a Karen. Bye. 


After evolving last year, we installed an emergency call hotline to remind us of our beliefs and our natural strength, coming from our sacred anger that has lasted since 1000 years. 

Our community is new and full of sacred cockroaches who survive everything. We are currently passing the Rothaus Bar, receiving creepy catcalls.

Eco driven networking >>> Ego driven networking

No power hoarding no more. The universe we create is not for the ego. 

We are climbing together to create a form and development of family. 

We don’t need your schools nor your books because we have all the tools and, as mentioned, the drive. 

The beauty of forming bonds, evolving from and believing in our culture. Taking spaces that our parents never had access to. The source of love is from the so-called East, the Middle, the Central, the Far. There is no coincidence for this kind of resilience. 


And our wisdom is deep, yet we keep collecting more while walking around 

every day, figuring this all out, there is no fucking way back.

Give dick or go home, no talking only acting.

Our intuition is a fucking weapon. 

A testament for our love for walking an untouched path. There are no errors.”  


Text by Shamiran Istifan and Lhaga Koondhor



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