Cinematic November with Join Rafman: Jon Rafman

1 - 30 November 2023 Off-site

TICK TACK is excited to announce ‘Cinematick November with Jon Rafman’.
Throughout November, TICK TACK will be transformed into a temporary cinema, exclusively dedicated to hosting a series of screening evenings showcasing films by the renowned Canadian artist and filmmaker Jon Rafman. This marks the inauguration of Rafman’s video work in Belgium.

Additionally, a curated selection of Rafman’s work will be featured on CINEMA TICK TACK, our longstanding platform for screening moving image into the public space. The works will be screened daily from Sunset to Sunrise (CET).

Jon Rafman (1981, Montreal) stands as one of the world's most acclaimed artists with a multifaceted oeuvre spanning video, animation, photography, sculpture and installations. His works explore digital technology's impact on communities, delving into the emotions and fantasies shaping our technology-driven lives. The artist turns an empathic but critical eye on the internet age, investigating experiences of alienation, nostalgia, loneliness and grief.



Venue: Tik Tak, Antwerp


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