Born 1991 in Reading, UK. Lives and works in London.


The singular ascendency that emanates from Tom Waring's work lies in the hollowed out cavity, which provides a crucible to interrogate how meaning is attributed and derived from an array of syntactical relationships between an encyclopedic charade of Wunderkammer still lifes. This fictive pictorial space is performed through symbolic use of grisaille, a historic preparatory stage come convenient conduit to 3d screen visualization.
Representation is itself represented.


His recent solo shows include 'A Robot Never Made Me Laugh' at Bernheim, Zurich (2023), 'Ars Brevis' at Downs & Ross, New York (2022) and 'Consistent Estimator' at Downs & Ross, New York (2022).


His works are included as permanent collections in The Elizabeth Margulies Collection, Miami.