Disbelief: Manuel Burgener

22 September - 17 November 2019 Off-site

The Espace d'art contemporain (les halles) presents an exhibition by Manuel Burgener (*1978 - Bern) entitled Disbelief. The Bernese artist presents a series of works, including a monumental piece composed of glass plates, which, through the interplay of reflections, brings space, light and the visitor directly into play. The material's transparency and evocative power create a new demarcation, challenging the viewer's bearings. Manuel Burgener exploits the properties of glass - its presence, its transparency and its ability to interact with light - to offer a new dimension to his work.
a new dimension to space. He redefines the boundaries of a given
environment by manipulating perception.
He applies this principle to other works, also presented at the EAC, created on a human scale. scale, skilfully combining functionality, aesthetics and absurdity with a of irony.
This is particularly true of his wall sculptures, the assembly of pieces of glass on an articulated mechanism fitted with fabric, a T-shirt "designed" by his artist friends, or his photograms, which he creates in complete darkness, dealing with his own sensations and the qualities inherent in the technical process. Manuel Burgener physically intervenes directly on the photosensitive paper, in a subtle, uncluttered, performative process on a 1:1 scale.

Following in the footsteps of minimalist artists, Manuel Burgener places his installations in relation with the place in which he exhibits.For his 2018 exhibition at Biel's Pasquart Center (Prix culturel Manor Bienne 2018,Ojingeo, 29.06.-26.08.2018), he presents, fenêtres ouvertes, a video/sound installation whose perception varies according to the atmosphere, weather conditions and luminosity.
He closely links container and content. The same object presented in different contexts will have its radiation modified.The artist varies modes of reception, not to confine or direct interpretations, but to open up fields of possibility. This fluidity is also reflected in his creative process.The title of the exhibition - Disbelief - refers to Fabrice Stroun's text, which accompanies his artist's book Summary published in 2018.It begins as follows:"Suspension of disbelief, literally "1.Opening up his practice and accepting the implausibilities, paradoxes and contradictions that emerge, this is the artist's commitment.He seeks the right balance between his perception and the intrinsic qualities of his creations, while bearing in mind that nothing is permanently anchored.


Venue: Espace d'art contemporain (les halles)


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